Founders Day 2012 and Class of '57 Reunion

Class of '57 - 55TH CLASS REUNION


7-8 SEPTEMBER 2012


          We have discovered this is the night of the home opener for the NKHS Vikings (now playing 8-man football) in their new stadium.  If you are in Northwood for this evening, please consider gathering with the Booster Club at the Student Center (more information on location to come) for a meal prior to the game.  Roy Larson has offered to identify a section for our class to sit together during the game.  Wear something that says "1957" - or make a sign or banner to hold up.

          A hospitality suite will be open at the Country Inn Motel next to the Diamond Jo Casino from 3 to 11 PM.  BYOB: Sharing is Caring!

MOVIE MATINEE: The Class of 1957  (click the link!)

     11:30-12:30 A.M, 8 SEPTEMBER 2012  (Free Free Free)
      Star Studded Performance by the Class of 1957
        “New” Movie Theatre, NW Corner of Central Avenue and Hwy 65


         Northwood Country Club, Northwood, IA, 8 September
         4:30 Gathering with Guests
         6:00 Class Reunion Dinner by Rhonda (Free - Free - Free!)
         Dress: Spirited Enthusiasm!

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  1. Each time I attend a reunion in Northwood or go to the Winter Dance Party at the Surf, I have the same little conversation with myself:

    "These good times can not go on forever and whatever the most recent adventure was, it most likely was the last of its kind. I should accept that possibility and move forward."

    This discussion with myself has been going on for a couple of decades ... 20 years! I thought the good times were a thing of the past and people's good health would be the limiting factor. Good health IS the limiting factor. I just had no idea that it would be possible to be this old and to have this much fun.

    By the way, that letter jacket was ordered from the same company as our original 1965 letter jackets. A year ago Larry Patterson surprised me with an authentic NKHS replacement letter .... He explained to Mr. Dodd that I had lost my original letter and he wanted to see if it could be replaced.

    That was a really terrific gesture by Larry. It was "over the top" when I found out that Decker's Sporing Goods still makes the same NKHS jackets "to order".

    I was proud to wear the jacket in 1965 .... I'm just as proud to wear it now. I don't consider it to be a replica ... it is exactly like the original ... it would be terrific to see more of them being worn by the present-day NKHS athletes.

    In 1957:
    Many of us had TV sets but more of us did not.

    I saw may first transistor radio - it needed no power cord

    The Hideaway Hard Top Ford was first released

    Spunick was launched

    The 57 Chevy was a classic from the first year it was introduced

    Elvis Presley was getting started - Making New Music
    Buddy Holly was making new music
    Roy Orbison was making new music
    Countless Do-Wap groups were performing

    Sue Tenold was the North Iowa Band Queen


    Folks it appears that we are left with no other alternative
    but to have another reunion celebration -- this time literally "For the History Books"


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